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I MET, 2004

(12 x) 21 x 14,8 cm
twelve volumes on Phoenix Motion Xantur paper, 4782 pages in total

I MET is a work of art that starts on 10th May 1968 and ends on 17th September 1979. Except for the years 1968 and 1979, each book volume contains 1 year, comprising a different amount of papers for each year. Each day, On Kawara has noted in chronologic order the names of all people with whom he had a conversation that day. This very list, as well as a specific mark for each separate day, is displayed on each page. On Kawara has indicated all journeys he ever made on pages marked with the names of all cities he visited during this 12 year period. Thus, these pages interrupt the existing chronology in that they sometimes double the day before or after the artist’s transfer.