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Institut d'art contemporain
Villeurbanne / Rhône-Alpes, France
4 June - 29 August, 2010

The IAC - Institut d'art contemporain
Villeurbanne / Rhône-Alpes, France - presented the largest solo exhibition by Matt Mullican in France since the one at Le Magasin Center for Contemporary Art in Grenoble, in 1990. 

Born in California in 1951, Matt Mullican occupies a highly distinctive niche in the Contemporary Art field, in terms of both the nature and range of his artistic project. 

His oeuvre is marked by a dizzying variety of ways of working, which contribute to the creation of a permanently expanding cosmology model. His exploration of fictional worlds is transcribed in a personal, symbolic visual language of encyclopedic proportions. This plethora of forms and media -pictograms, posters, flags, drawings, photographs, collections- adds up to a corpus regularly energized by performances carried out under hypnosis. 

For his exhibition at the lAC Mullican opted for putting his oeuvre into perspective in a mode combining the experimental and the archival. The resultant abundance of documentary material, associated with the categorizing of objects according to their inner nature, gives rise to an exhibition deliberately more evocative of a workshop situation than of a classical presentation of works of art. The focus here was on the recent cycle That Person's Work, which will be illuminated by works from the 1970s.