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Museum De Pont, Tilburg
14 March - 28 June 2009

The passing of time is a predominant theme in Claerbout's work. With the works shown in the exhibition The Shape of Time, different methods have been used in order to give shape to the duration of time. In Arena (2007) that duration merely consists of a brief moment: the fraction of a second at which a basketball hovers above the basket during a game; in White House (2006) it involves more than thirteen hours, the time span between the first rays of sun and the last, at dusk. No matter how long or how short the moment is, Claerbout gives time all the space it needs.

In Arena the situation just prior to the moment of scoring is portrayed from multiple vantage points. As the ball continues to hover in suspense above the basket, a forty-five-minute slide show offers, in a slow succession of hundreds of images, an ever-changing view of the court and bleachers, of the players and spectators. Often, in Claerbout's installations, time runs synchronous to real time.

photo credit: Peter Cox