by Valentina Desideri

IT is clarity at first sight. So simple and straight for[m]ward, IT strikes me as obvious, like the way I assume a foreign alphabet must make perfectly sense to someone else somewhere else. This is probably how IT looks at objects and names, as opportunity for misunderstandings, scanning reality to find something unknown that yet makes immediate sense.

Misunderstandings make IT prone to irony, but not to non-sense. In fact, IT is quite stubborn and has an incredible trust in its own sense of logic.

For its logic provides a fast track connection between matter and meaning. As if matter was able to communicate ITself directly by some kind of leaping, back and forward, testing its own meaningfulness and letting go, touch step touch.

Don’t get me wrong, meaning is always in IT, only I don’t know what comes first.
Sometimes meaning appears as an appropriation of what is already there, as a gentle touch or a self-evidence. Other times meaning is haunted by matter, smell of roasted almonds and pistachios performing incense in the church of academia.

Meaning and matter playing tricks at each other, IT ‘s a game.

A serious one though, IT senses images as arrangements of volume and form and that’s what constitute ITs thoughts.

Images and forms have their own language - IT is their intrinsic articulation -their symmetries and repetitions being like that foreign alphabet above, already meaningful before translation.

Though translation is necessary, and happens all the times, be it as a clear statement, a title, an email, a silence, a polite gesture or sometimes a color. IT continues to happen and it triggers more, like lying. IT is a lie and like any lie it requires more lying, just to keep the ball in the air. Lying, or translating, becomes a way to suspend IT, frozen in mid air against gravity, clearly visible for once. And yet IT is only one manifestation, one possible meaning amongst others. IT suspends there, almost only to hint to all the other possibilities, to the negative spaces, making them as valuable and sensible as ITself. IT or not-IT, that is no problem!

Really IT doesn’t matter. IT is just a thing amongst things. Yet IT is so specific it works as a symbol. IT refers to something else and IT is a portal to that thing, at once, like a handle to a door, a person to a world or a line to a life.

IT is purposely ambiguous in its assumption of clarity.